Set in a modern loft-style space with an open-air kitchen, Artopolis is a wonderful place where a unique culinary experience awaits your enjoyment. A Greektown standout since 1999, Artopolis was created to bring a true European-style cafe to Chicago. Artopolis blends today's kitchen technologies together with our longstanding passion and experience to produce a variety of freshly-baked, aromatic culinary offerings. All of our delicacies can be enjoyed in our café or taken home to be savored.

Everything down to our own name is designed to complement and add to the uniqueness of Chicago’s acclaimed Greektown -- the Greek word "Artos" means bread and "Polis" means town. For centuries, the ancient Greeks believed that bread was the beginning of all great meals. We hope that the warmth of our ovens, our fresh-baked bread and the hospitality of our staff will continue this Greek tradition in Chicago.

Reviews and Awards

"Greektown Cafe offers array of Mediterranean flavours"

"Airy marketplace enhances Greektown"

"Artopolis prides itself on producing all of its fresh baked goods in house"

"A bright place for a light meal"