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  1. Signature Breakfast 
 A selection of muffins, fruit danishes, chocolate, apple, almond and plain croissants.

buffet size (serves 12) $12.00
continental size (serves 12) $21.00
  2. Egg & Ham Artopita (Avgo-tiropita)... $17.00
 Fresh Eggs, Black Forest Ham, Florina Peppers, Array of Cheeses. Serves 12.  
  3. Egg Souffle Volovans (special order)... $30.00
 Serves 12.  
Pita Wraps - Hand made thin 9" Pita bread.
  4.Country Wrap... $30.00
 Eggs, fresh mint, Feta and Mozzarella Cheeses.  
  5. Village Wrap... $36.00
 Eggs, Feta and Kasseri Cheese, fresh Spinach leaves.  
  6. Mountain Wrap... $42.00
 Eggs, Black Forest Ham, Provolone Cheese.  
Club Med Morning
  7. Fresh Baked Petite Croissants (plain)... $12.00
 Serves 12  
  8. Petite Croissants Sandwiches... $24.00
 With choice of Mesquite Smoked turkey and Provolone cheese or Black Forrest Ham and Kasseri Cheese. Serves 12  
  9. Greek Wedding sampler (Per Tray) 
 An array of butter cookies, cinnamon, honey, almond, walnut, yemista and paximadia.

Small 20 pcs. $15.00
Regular 40 pcs. $25.00
Large 80 pcs. $50.00
  10. Greek Sweet Fest (Per Dozen)... $18.00
 Baklava (fillo dough walnut and honey roll)
Bougatsa (lemon custard fillo wrap)

Baklava ONLY ($21.00)
  11.Classic Cookies (Small Per Dozen)... $12.00
 Chocolate Chip, Peanut butter or your favorite choice.  
  12.Mini Tarts (Per Dozen)... $15.00
 Lemon, fruit, walnut, espresso and seasonal tarts.  
  13.Petite Desserts (Per Dozen)... $18.00
 Assorted pastries.  
  14.Chocolate Brownies (Per Dozen)... $18.00
 Chocolate Fudge (Nuts optional).  
  15.Greek Yogurt (Per Lb.)... $7.00
 Imported, served with honey and walnuts.  
  15R. Rice pudding (Per Lb.)... $4.50
 Homemade recipe topped with cinnamon.  
Brunch Boxes - Per Dozen (minimum one dozen)
  16. Breakfast Basket #1... $6.95
 Fresh baked muffin or choice of filled croissant, seasonal fresh fruit salad and cookie.  
  17. Breakfast Basket #2... $8.95
 Egg Artopita or Pita Wrap, Fruit Danish or filled croissant, fresh fruit salad.  
  18. Lunch Basket #1... $9.95
 Old World Artopita (menu choice), cold pasta or potato salad, fresh fruit and brownie.
(substitute green salad for potato or pasta salad add $1.00)
  19. Lunch Basket #2... $9.95
 Signature Sandwich on Foccacia bread (menu choice), potato chips, fresh fruit and cookie.
(substitute chips for potato or pasta salad add $1.00)
(substitute chips for half green salad add $2.00)
(substitute Foccacia bread for Pita bread add $1.00)
  20. Dinner Basket... $22.95
 Regional Inspired Entrées (menu choice), half green salad, Fresh Fruit and dessert choice.
Wine available to compliment your meal to take home. (minimum two orders)
Cocktail Starters
  21. Cheese Course 
 A selection of imported cheeses, featuring Kasseri, Edam, Brie, Gouda, Manouri and Feta with grapes and walnuts.

Small tray: $30.00
Regular tray: $45.00
Large: tray $65.00
  22. Melinzana Crostini 
 An array of roasted eggplant, tomato, pinenuts, garlic, basil, arugula,goat chessee, balsamic vinegar reduction and bread wedges.

Small tray: $30.00
Regular tray: $40.00
Large tray: $55.00
  23. Salmon Fumé Canapé 
 Smoked salmon, capers, red onion, watercress, dill-yogurt sauce served on a wedge of Rye Baguette.

Price: $30.00 (Per Dozen)
  24. Shrimp Alexander Canapé 
 A wedge of baguette, Alexander dressing,tomato, shrimp, taste of anchovies and parsley.

$27.00 (Per Dozen)
  25. Mediterranean Fest 
 Hummus, fava, baba-ghanoush, tzatziki, tabouleh and olives.

Small tray: $30.00
Regular tray: $55.00
Large tray: Not available
  26. Puff Pastry Shells 
 Variety of shapes filled choices of Mediterranean dips.

$9.00 (Per Dozen)
  27. Vegetarian Fest 
 Dolmathes yialatze, fava beans, pickled pepperoncini, olives and tzatziki dip. (other options available).

Small tray: $30.00
Regular tray: $45.00
Large tray: $60.00
Small serves 8-10, Medium serves 10-15, Large serves 15-20
Salad Bowls
  28.Olive Bunch 
 A selective harvest of regional olives, whole marinated garlic, grape tomatoes & croutons with a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinaigrette and thyme.

Small bowl: $20.00
Regular bowl: $35.00
 Chopped Hearts of Romaine, home made croutons, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, tossed with our own Caesar dressing.

Regular: $18.00
Large: $30.00
 Crisp Romaine, ripe Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, crumbled feta cheese, fresh dill, Kalamata olives, herb and garlic vinaigrette.

Regular: $20.00
Large: $35.00
  31.Field Greens 
 Mesclun gourmet greens, Grape tomato's, cucumbers tossed with herbed raspberry vinaigrette.

Regular: $18.00
Large: $30.00
  32.Greek Country 
 Tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell pepper, pepperoncini, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, oregano and red wine vinaigrette.

Regular: $25.00
Large: $40.00
  33.Potato Salad 
 Delectably seasoned in a yogurt mayonnaise creamy dressing.

Regular: $20.00
Large: $40.00
  34.Pasta Salad 
 Made for the day, choice of pastas and dressings.

Regular: $18.00
Large: $36.00
  35.Fresh Fruit Salad (Seasonal) 
 Season's best cantaloupe, honey melon, watermelon, oranges, berries, grapes and pineapple.

Small tray: $25.00
Regular tray: $40.00
Large: tray $60.00
Small serves 8-10, Medium serves 10-15, Large serves 15-20
Petite Artopitas - Per Dozen (minimum one dozen)
  37.Spinach and Feta (Spanakopita)... $18.00
 Fresh leaf spinach, leak, spring onion, dill, eggs and feta cheese.  
  38.Kasseri and Feta (Tiropita)... $18.00
 Crumbled feta, kasseri, eggs and fresh mint.  
  39.Mushroom and Emmenthal (Manitaropita)... $18.00
 Portabello and White mushroom, florina peppers, Emmenthal and Kasseri cheese and bechamel sauce.  
  40.Jambon and Kasseri (Zambonopita)... $18.00
 Smoked black forest ham, spinach leafs, bechamel sauce, florina peppers and Kasseri cheese.  
  41.Chicken and Mozzarella (Kotopita)... $18.00
 Chicken, artichokes, fennel, florina peppers, Mozzarella cheese and bechamel sauce.  
Signature Mini-Sandwiches - Per Dozen (minimum one dozen)
  42.Turkey Melinzana... $23.00
 Smoked turkey, tomato, romaine lettuce, provolone, eggplant garlic spread.  
  43.Jambon Fumé... $23.00
 Black Forrest smoked ham, Kasseri cheese, arugula, shaved red onion, tomato, Dijon mustard remoulade.  
  44.Briammi Kefte... $21.00
 Oven-baked lamb and beef kefte, briammi (vegetable ratatouille), crumbled feta.  
  45.Mediterraneo... $30.00
 Sliced roasted leg of lamb, Dijon mustard-mayonnaise,tomato, romaine lettuce and mint.  
  46.Norwegian Crest... $30.00
 Smoked salmon, watercress,capers, shaved onions, fennel tzatziki sauce.  
  47.Capricciozo... $21.00
 Plum tomato, Kasseri cheese, fresh basil, and garlic olive tapinade.  
  48.Smoky Harvest... $23.00
 Oven-roasted vegetables, smoked provolone, thyme, oregano, garlic, spiced tomato sauce.  
  49.Portobello Chévre... $23.00
 Wood-roasted Portobello mushrooms, Florina peppers, marinated red onions, goat cheese, garlic olive oil.  
  50.Kotosalata... $21.00
 Mesclun greens topped with chicken salad mixed with toasted pine nuts, green apple, celery, onions, pesto.  
  51.Tequila Pollo... $23.00
 Grilled chicken breast, Roma tomato, arugula, avocado, tequila lime mayonnaise.  
  52.Roasted Beef... $27.00
 Sliced Roast Beef, sauteed white mushrooms, cheddar chesse, natural Au juice.  
Regional Inspired Entrees
  53. Chicken Riganatti 
 Oven-roasted quarter chicken, Mediterranean herbs, garlic, spices, extra virgin olive oil.

Half Pan (12 qtrs.): $42.00
Full Pan (20 qtrs.): $70.00
  54. Yuvetsaki 
 Oven braised lean beef, with Orzo pasta, red wine tomato sauce,Kasseri and Myzithra cheese.
(Also available with chicken).

Half Pan (9 port.): $50.00
Full Pan (18 port.): $80.00
  55. Gourmet Lasagnas 
 Chicken Spinach Lasagna layered with fresh pasta, sauteed spinach, roasted chicken, herbed-tomato sauce, mozzarela chesse.
(Vegetable and Meat Lasagna also available).

Half Pan (9 pcs.): $40.00
Full Pan (18 pcs.): $75.00
  56. Eggplant Moussaka  
 Eggplant, potatoes, zucchini, seasoned ground beef, bechamel sauce, Parmesan cheese.

Half Pan (9pcs.): $45.00
Full Pan (18 pcs.): $80.00
  57. Vegetable Moussaka 
 Sweet potato, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, squash, bechamel sauce, Parmesan cheese.

Half Pan (9 pcs.): $45.00
Full Pan (18 pcs.): $80.00
  58. Stuffed Chicken Breast 
 Roasted chicken breast stuffed with spinach, florina red peppers, feta cheese and tomato garlic sauce.

Half Pan (40 slices): $50.00
Full Pan (70 slices): $80.00
  59. Macaroni Pastitsio 
 Imported Bucattini pasta, seasoned ground beef, Parmesan cheese and bechamel sauce.

Half Pan (9 pcs.): $40.00
Full Pan (18 pcs.): $75.00
  60. Baked Salmon (seasonal market price) 
 Fresh Atlantic fillet, baby carrots and green beans, leeks, garlic-butter sauce.  
  61. Roasted Lamb (seasonal market price) 
 Leg of lamb oven roasted with fresh oregano, rosemary, mint aioli sauce.  
  61G. Rotisserie Gyros (sold by pound) 
 Price: $9.50
Including tomatoes, onions and tzatziki.
  62a. Kebobs-Choice (Per Dozen) 
 Marinated pieces of meat on a skewer, slightly grilled then oven roasted with green peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.

Chicken or Pork (8 ounces per serving): $84.00
Beef (8 ounces per serving): Market price
  62b. Brochettes-Choice (Per Dozen) 
 Brochettes are similarly prepared as kebob, without vegetables.

Chicken or Pork (4 ounces per serving): $42.00
Beef (4 ounces per serving): Market price
  63.Rosemary Potatoes 
 Half Pan (25 pcs.): $20.00
Full Pan (50 pcs.): $35.00
  64.Chick Pea Rice 
 Half Pan: $20.00
Full Pan: $35.00
  65.Rosa Marina Pasta 
 Half Pan: $18.00
Full Pan: $30.00
  66.Briammi Vegetables 
 Half Pan: $25.00
Full Pan: $40.00
  67.Roasted Vegetables 
 Half Pan: $25.00
Full Pan: $45.00
  68a.Pasta Farfalle 
 Half Pan: $18.00
Full Pan: $30.00
  68b.Pasta Farfalle with Chicken 
 Half Pan: $30.00
Full Pan: $42.00
Breakfast Beverages and Boxes
  69. Gourmet Coffee or Tea 
 Small (serves 12): $14.00
Regular (serves 22): $24.00
Large(serves 36): $40.00
  70. Hot Chocolate 
 Small (serves 12): $15.00
Regular (serves 22): $25.00
  71. Bottled Juice 
 Bottled Beverage (per bottle): $1.50
* Minimum order is 6
  72. Bottled Ice Tea 
 Bottled Beverage (each): $1.75
* Minimum order is 6
  73. Bottled Soft drink 
 Bottled Beverage (each): $1.00
* Minimum order is 6
  74. Bottled Boylan Root Beer 
 Bottled Beverage (each): $1.50
* Minimum order is 6
  75. Sparkling Naturally Flavored Lorina 
 Bottled Beverage (each): $2.50
*Minimun order is 6
  76. Sparkling Water 
 Bottled Beverage (each): $1.75
*Minimun order is 6
  77. Bottled Spring Water (Imported) 
 Bottled Beverage (each): $1.25
*Minimun order is 6