Artopitas - Handcrafted Savory Pies

Experience a tradition originating from the Old World’s neighborhood bakeries. Flaky dough, filled with a selection of high quality ingredients, freshly baked in our hearth ovens.

Embellishments options are: seasonal potato, pasta salad or rosemary potato, chickpea rice, orzo pasta, roasted vegetables,or a cup of soup. Upgrade to any half salad for $ 2

SPINACH & FETA (Spanakopita) - $9.50

Fresh spinach leaf, spring onion, fresh leek, dill, and feta cheese

KASSERI & FETA (Tyropita) - $9.50

An array of crumbled feta, kasseri cheese, eggs, and fresh mint

CHICKEN & MOZZARELLA (Kotopita) - $9.50

Chicken, artichokes, Florina peppers, fennel, mozzarella cheese

MUSHROOM & EMMENTAL (Manitaropita) - $9.50

Portobello mushrooms, onion, red peppers, Swiss Emmental, kasseri cheese  

JAMBON & KASSERI (Zamponopita) - $9.50

Black Forest ham, spinach leaves, red peppers, onion, kasseri cheese


Artopita only. All varieties available.


*Prices are subject to change. Menu items subject to seasonal availability.