Old World Artopitas

SPINACH AND FETA (Spanakopita) (per dozen) - $21.00

Fresh leaf spinach, leek, spring onion, dill, eggs and Feta cheese.

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KASSERI AND FETA (Tiropita) (per dozen) - $21.00

Crumbled Feta & Kasseri cheeses, eggs, fresh mint.

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MUSHROOM & EMMENTHAL (Manitaropita) (per dozen) - $21.00

Portabello and white mushroom, Florina peppers, Emmenthal and Kasseri cheeses, bechamel sauce.

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JAMBON AND KASSERI (Zambonopita) (per dozen) - $21.00

Smoked Black Forest ham, spinach leaves, bechamel sauce, red peppers and Kasseri cheese.

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CHICKEN AND MOZZARELLA (Kotopita) (per dozen) - $21.00

Chicken, artichokes, fennel, Florina peppers, Mozzarella cheese and bechamel sauce.   

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*Prices are subject to change. Menu items subject to seasonal availability.