Despite the location in the heart of Greektown, none of the waiters at the new Artopolis set cheese afire and yelled "Opa". This is a different kind of Greek restaurant. Its offers taste not only from Greece but from around the Mediterranean, including a long list of pizzas cooked in an attractive wood-burning oven in the back... The service at Artopolis includes a willingness to check with the kitchen staff for answers to diner's questions. And as you leave you are urged to return by Artopolis' friendly host. This place is so friendly, who needs the flaming cheese.

Artopolis Bakery Cafe & Agora isn't just another Greektown restaurant. Opened a few months ago to replace Estia, the airy complex combines - as the name implies - a bakery ("artos" means bread), cafe and marketplace. House baked breads are stacked on shelves along one wall. At the back is a wood burning oven for pizzas, as well as the open kitchen where cooks dish up the signature "Artopita" (puff-pastry ovals filled with various ingredients).

A modern loft-style space with an open-air kitchen, Artopolis prides itself on producing all of its fresh baked goods in house. The cafe's name comes from a combination of the words "artos" and "polis" (bread and town, respectively), and the menu features a variety of breads, wood-fired pizzas, signature sandwiches, fresh salads, and some classic Greek dishes. Explore the exclusive line of Greek wines offered in-house or to take home. The dessert menu includes specialty coffees, organic teas, and artfully decorated cakes and pastries, which can include special candles for Greek Christmas and Easter. Some of the signature pastries include Valrhona chocolate mousse, carrot cake, and hazelnut praline but there are also tarts and traditional Greek sweets.

A “bright place for a light meal”, this “cozy” Greektowner offering both counter and table service bakes up “beautiful breads” and “interesting savory pastries” to go with other “tasty”, “affordable” Greek-Mediterranean bites; “too busy for the service to be perfect”, it's still “quick” and easy for lunch or an “after-theater/concert snack”, and you can BYOB from the on-site wine store.

The old Greek saying, "Bread is a gift to all of us..." rings especially true in the heart of Greektown at Artopolis Bakery, Cafe and Agora. Fresh artisian breads, soups, sandwiches, salads, wood-fired pizzas, Artopitas, hand crafted pastries and regionally inspired Mediterranean specialties are offered daily in a beautiful European cafe setting. Epicurians will enjoy shopping in the "agora" where imported olive oils and specialty foodstuffs are available. There is also a full bar and wines available for purchase.

I really like this place: Artopolis Bakery, Cafe & Agora. What a mouthful, but when the food is so good I don't mind saying it over and over again. The "arto" part of the name relates to bread - wonderful bread - that is baked in-house and used in the extensive selection of sandwiches - delicious sandwiches - that are an important part of the menu. IN A BITE: A first (this style, anyway) for Greektown. Essentially a Mediterranean deli with heavy emphasis on the Greek fare. The food displays will not only wet your appetite but will soak you with the idea of wanting one of everything