Artopolis Cafe, Bakery and Agora

Items in the Agora are beautifully displayed and metal wire baskets woven with colorful jewels are ready to be filled for an ideal holiday, housewarming or hostess gift.

"We tried to create a very traditional Greek bakery and coffee shop. In Chicago, there is nothing else like Artopolis, however in Europe and in Greece, this kind of place is more common," says Yiannis Melidis. "We know this is very different for Greektown because it combines many elements including a bakery, cafe, bar, gift shop and coffeehouse all in one."

Both the bakery and bread ovens come from France. The colorful mosaic tile wood burning oven hails from Italy and specialty items sold in the "Agora" or gift area are primarily from Greece, including jars of marinated onions, olives, extra virgin olive oils, jams, several varieties of honey and sour cherries.

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